La Jolla, USA, May 20-21

Accepted Posters

Poster # Title Authors
CG-1 Network rewiring highlights the role of intronless genes as potential breast cancer biomarkers José Antonio Ramírez-Rafael, Octavio Zambada-Moreno, Guillermo Romero, Katia Aviña-Padilla and Maribel Hernández-Rosales
CG-2 TAMPA: interpretable analysis and visualization of metagenomics-based taxon abundance profiles Varuni Sarwal, Serghei Mangul and David Koslicki
CG-3 EM-CAT: A nonparametric dating method using categorical modeling and Expectation-Maximization algorithm Uyen Mai and Siavash Mirarab
CG-4 Data Format Conversion For Big Data Analysis Nisha Puthiyedth, Jeff Warner and Yan Yan
CG-5 Where do lost genes go? Zhe Yu and David Sankoff
CG-6 Checking extent of coordinated splicing of exons across regions of the brain Pallavi Gupta, Ishaan Gupta and Ernst Wolvetang
CG-7 Global and Local Subgraph Network Analysis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Pangenome Monica Espinoza, Ashley Swing and Faramarz Valafar
CG-8 Global contextualization and comparative genomics of extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing E Matthew Nguyen, Clement Tsui, Patrick Tang, Andres Perez-Lopez and William Hsiao
CG-9 BinaRena: Interactive Visualization and Binning of Metagenomic Contigs Qiyun Zhu
CG-10 Studying the Evolution of CRISPR-Cas Systems using SuperDTL Reconciliation Yoann Anselmetti, Mattéo Delabre and Nadia El-Mabrouk
CG-11 Host Specificity of the Coronaviridae through the Lens of Information Gain Sarwan Ali, Babatunde Bello and Murray Patterson
CG-12 Hierarchical Bayesian modeling for inference of dependency network between polymorphic cysteine's Philip Berg and George Popescu
CG-13 Characterizing Genetic Diversity in Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates Ashley Swing, Monica Espinoza and Faramarz Valafar
CG-14 Synchronized decoding of functional capacities and compositions of metagenomes in a sweep Daniel Roush, Daniel Hakim, Antonio González, George Armstrong, Justin Shaffer, Daniel McDonald, Rob Knight and Qiyun Zhu
CG-15 Determining ancient chromosome number by assembling standardized contigs and inflection analysis of gap statistics Qiaoji Xu, Lingling Jin, Jim Leebens-Mack and David Sankoff
CG-16 A taxonomic analysis of in silico time series of soil samples treated by PAH-degrading enzymes Kristóf Takács, Kinga Nagy, Bálint Varga, Mónika Molnár, Beáta Vértessy G. Károly Márialigeti and Vince Grolmusz
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